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Alameda, etc., September 29

Bike rides are piling up faster than I can write about them. I remember this dilemma from writing: every experience has so many facets. How do you choose the most salient ones, and lavish your energy on them and not the others? What were those thoughts you were having on your bike?, you ask yourself. […]

What Makes a Good Sports Story?

I’ve been hopping around in The Only Game in Town: The New Yorker Book of Sports Writing, edited by David Remnick. It’s the second sports book I’ve picked up, after an unskillfully written but completely engrossing book on ultra-long-distance cycling. To my knowledge, before two months ago I have never so much as cracked open […]

Swimmer’s Shoulder

I made a list of any number of ways I could start this blog off, from thematic (deep thoughts on the nature of physical activity), to chronological (first moments I became aware of my body, or thought about exercise), to stylistic (a smattering of disconnected yet crystalline vignettes, adding up over time to an organic […]

Open Water

At the Berkeley Marina, 21 Sept 2012

September 21, 12 p.m.

Mile 1. Here I am in California, casting around for something new to write about. I often joked, while working on and finishing a book about antidepressants and depression, that my next book would be about rainbows and unicorns—noteworthy spas—fine dining locations. Orgasms. Something fun. Mile 2. I was standing somewhere in the house the […]