Katherine Sharpe


SFR Del Puerto Canyon

I wrote this last October (2012), after the San Francisco Randonneurs’ Del Puerto Canyon ride, my second 200k brevet. Just found it again. It hasn’t been edited at all. Coming up out of the canyon, around mile 75 or 80—before, I should say, the big hill starts—I get what I think is a glimpse of […]

Extreme Transit

This weekend, I went on a transportation adventure. I had some reporting to do up in Point Reyes. Getting there was like a story problem. Point Reyes is 42 miles from Berkeley. You have to be in Point Reyes at 11 a.m. on Saturday. You’re not allowed to ride your bike over the Bay Bridge […]

The Rider in Winter

I have a few minor resolutions for the future. Stop writing a journal (I’ve been ignoring my journal anyway) and start writing a writer’s notebook. An hour each morning, after breakfast and over coffee. Before work-work begins. Eat more vegetables. Do some core work. Such very bourgeois resolutions! It sure still feels like the off-season. […]

Bike Ennui

Jesse and I are discussing plans for the weekend. It may rain. I’m threatening to go to my first-ever Quaker meeting on Sunday morning, all but disqualifying Sunday for bike riding. The most interesting ride on Saturday starts far away. But wait—Jesse has an idea! He’s showing me on Google maps. What if we do […]

SFR Del Puerto

Another one bites the dust. SFR Del Puerto Canyon 200k, November 3, 2012.

My First 200k

Tomorrow’s agenda. A Hercules-Winters lasso, with elevation by miles in red at the bottom. The main reason I think I might be able to do this crazy ride is that it’s flat—flattish—well, it has +5,837 feet of elevation gain, which actually doesn’t sound so flat at all, does it? But it is a lot less […]


On Wednesday night, I went to the RUSA website and signed up for the 200km Winters Brevet on Saturday. Last weekend’s long ride, while not nearly as long as the Winters ride tomorrow, was emboldening. While I felt exhausted by the end, I didn’t experience any pain or numbness that might portend trouble if I […]

Alameda, etc., September 29

Bike rides are piling up faster than I can write about them. I remember this dilemma from writing: every experience has so many facets. How do you choose the most salient ones, and lavish your energy on them and not the others? What were those thoughts you were having on your bike?, you ask yourself. […]

What Makes a Good Sports Story?

I’ve been hopping around in The Only Game in Town: The New Yorker Book of Sports Writing, edited by David Remnick. It’s the second sports book I’ve picked up, after an unskillfully written but completely engrossing book on ultra-long-distance cycling. To my knowledge, before two months ago I have never so much as cracked open […]

September 21, 12 p.m.

Mile 1. Here I am in California, casting around for something new to write about. I often joked, while working on and finishing a book about antidepressants and depression, that my next book would be about rainbows and unicorns—noteworthy spas—fine dining locations. Orgasms. Something fun. Mile 2. I was standing somewhere in the house the […]