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New summer project: I’ve started a TinyLetter. If you want to receive sporadic notes about this and that, you can subscribe here.

Hello, World

I’m porting over some bits and pieces from older blogs . . . first, some ones about long-distance cycling from my onetime secret Tumblr. I’ll post them under the dates when they were originally written.

My First 200k

Tomorrow’s agenda. A Hercules-Winters lasso, with elevation by miles in red at the bottom. The main reason I think I might be able to do this crazy ride is that it’s flat—flattish—well, it has +5,837 feet of elevation gain, which actually doesn’t sound so flat at all, does it? But it is a lot less […]

Personality Test Fun on a Saturday

I am obsessed with personality tests, particularly the MBTI. It’s a guilty pleasure but one that I’ll cop to. I just took a version of the test that produced the lovely badge you now see at the bottom of this page. In so doing, I stumbled across a kind of hilarious page describing the different […]